..:: if i were bridget jones...

...I would write the following in my journal:


75 kilograms (but post some days off work), alcohol units 6 (mostly Montejo beer, a tiny bit of Spanish white wine), cigarettes 0 (but my dad have me some cuban cigars today, so the number might change), calories 5,000?

Food consumed today:

3 quesadillas (assorted ingridients: cheese, "requesón", mushrooms)
1 diet coke
6 units potato chips (organic, though)
4 tablespoons fresh lentils w/ vinegar and red pepper
5 smalls slices of cheese
5 crackers
2 baby onions
1 large plate of the best rissoto ever (clams, shrimps, asparagus, clam sauce)
1 small ciabatta
1 slice of fruit tart
2 espressos

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Gooey Ducks grow to about two pounds in four or five years.