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A healthy nursery tree is bought during the summer and you style it immediately. Pleased with your efforts, you are unable to resist the temptation to plant it straight into a bonsai pot even though it is late Summer and your timing is wildly wrong.
The result is a tree that is too weak to respond to your styling and fails to grow for the remainder of the Summer and early Autumn, though luckily for you, it doesn't die.

The following Spring the tree starts growing, but a few branches have died back during the Winter, your styling is wrecked and the tree is still too weak to put out any new shoots. A year later, your lack of patience has resulted in a bonsai that may take another season before it actually recovers from all of your work.

With a little patience, your newly styled tree could have been allowed to recover and have been repotted just 6 months later, at the correct time, during the following Spring. This tree will have been given recuperative time after styling and repotted at its correct cyclic time. The resulting bonsai would be vigorous, suffer no dieback and be ready for further wiring and trimming within a few months. Most importantly it would be much better developed than the tree that had the ill-timed repot.

Patience is the hardest part of learning to use correct timing practises to your advantage. The temptation to plant your newly styled tree into it's first bonsai pot can be difficult to resist. However, with experience you learn that by obeying the rules of timing, your trees' progress and development will be always be much quicker.

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